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Graphic Design

Logo Design; jee-o – London

jee-o is an ongoing project that I am working on to further develop my final major project.  This is the most recent iteration of the jee-o logo, which seems to have changed numerous times.  In order to build a solid identity for the service a final logo was required moving forward.

We decided at an early stage that the logo needed to be friendly and reassuring, as the service is new we want to encourage positive adoption through friendly and reassuring imagery and themes. This logo is for the time being fitting and projects the right image.


Graphic Design

Iconography & Logo Design; jee-o – London

For the service I needed to create a series of icons to allow users to interact intuitivly with the software while maintaining an aesthetic that was in keeping with the graphic user interface of jee-o.

The share icon offered the most challenging problem as it was perhaps the more abstract of all the icon symbolism. This is the final solution I arrived at which I have converted from an icon to a logo to clarify the design.

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