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Graphic Design

Logo Design; D&AD – London

While working at D&AD I was asked to create a logo for a workshop being held at the 2011 New Blood event.  The workshop was called ‘The New Creative Toolkit’ and examined the shift in the average designer and art directors toolkit in the last few decades.  Where once all that was required was a nicely sharpened pencil, rubber and ruler there is now a great deal more to consider, social media and communication, data and the relevance of geographical integration to name a few.  The concept for the logo was to use the tools in the ‘creative toolkit’ of yesterday and have them becoming the ‘creative toolkit’ of today.  To achieve this I turned the sharpener, rubber, pencil and ruler into bars in a bar graph essentially turning the tools into data.  While I experimented with a number of graphic techniques to better reference a bar graph, a more minimal and bold logo was decided upon as it was thought to be the most clean, clear and subtle.

“We love it!  It’s clean, clear and really stands out while offering an inferred reference to what the workshop is all about . . . perfect!”

Ella Schofield, New Blood Content and Events Executive; D&AD

Concept/Development Logos


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